Mini-mini Review: Patisserie Lebeau

UPDATE November 2002: The content of this news item has been enhanced and moved to a story: Mini-Review Patisserie Lebeau.

The Roti Bistro rocks!

I love eating at the Roti Bistro! It's cheap, cheerful, tasty and within walking distance! And I love their down home Caribbean style cooking!

Check out my mini review for more info!

Three Mushroom Cheung Fan Photo

Here's a photo of the delicious three mushroom cheung fan (translated as "Rice Flour Roll Mushroom" on the menu) that we mentioned on Tuesday.

Rice Flour Roll Mushroom: Three Mushroom Cheung Fan aka Mushrooms covered in a slipper noodle aka Rice Four Roll Mushroom

Mini-mini Review: Granville Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Barb's parents love to eat, thank goodness! And they love all kinds of foods but especially Chinese.

Yesterday, we went to the Granville Chinese Seafood Restaurant with them and I was blown away by the 3 mushroom cheung fan (rice flour roll with mushrooms). The texture was awesome; chewy mushrooms covered in a slippery rice noodle with a great sauce! Heaven!

And the rest of the dim sum was excellent too! Barb's parents say that it is one of the best in the city and based on our experience I would have to agree.

Mini-mini Review: Sagar Restaurant

Tonight we went to Sagar Restaurant.

This restaurant specializes in Dosas, a south Indian specialiy, which is basically a thin crispy crepe filled with various things. My favourite is Masala Dosa which contains curried potatoes and is served with coconut chutney and tamarind sauce. All this for just $7!


Wokzilla (via Backup Brain) is a collection of wok related recipes and tips. It is a directory of links to Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, etc. recipes. Check it out, it looks like a comprehensive collection!

Brunch at Gramercy Grill

Today we finally had brunch at Gramercy Grill. It was very good. We had French toast stuffed with cream cheese with a fruit compote and an omlette with smoked chicken and cheese, a coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice for $25. Everything was good and tasty! Highly recommended.

Mini-mini review: Cuu Long Vietnamese Restaurant

On our first date, Barb and I tried to go to Cuu Long and it was closed!

We went back and the rest is history :-) !

Cuu Long is cheap and has flavourful Vietnamese food. It's not big on ambiance but the food more than makes up for it! Tonight we had #26, "Salad roll with meat and Shrimp" or "Goi cuon" for $4 and "Grilled pork & spring roll over vermicelli cakes/assorted vegetables", or "Banh hoi thit nuong, cha gio" #41 for $9.

Mini-mini Review: Amarcord in Yaletown

Amarcord is the name of a Fellini film and also a wonderful Italian restaurant in Yaletown.

One of the great things about getting married is all the gifts that you get :-) ! For their gift, David and Jeanne graciously treated us to dinner at Amarcord.

It was our first meal at Amarcord, but David and Jeanne are regulars. We didn't try any of the pastas but they sounded fantastic and most were around $15.

The mains were about $19-$27 average with lobster and crab and other seafood costing more.

Jugo Juice on Hornby & Nelson

Today's lucky dip was Jugo Juice (warning website has gratuitous use of Flash) on Hornby at Nelson (995 Hornby Street). I had the Mango Magic smoothie with an energy boost! Just the thing I needed to energize my downtown shopping chores. Tons of mango and good to the last drop!

This reminded me of the smoothie bars that Greg and Yalan always take me in San Francisco!


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