Mini-mini Review: Amarcord in Yaletown

Amarcord is the name of a Fellini film and also a wonderful Italian restaurant in Yaletown.

One of the great things about getting married is all the gifts that you get :-) ! For their gift, David and Jeanne graciously treated us to dinner at Amarcord.

It was our first meal at Amarcord, but David and Jeanne are regulars. We didn't try any of the pastas but they sounded fantastic and most were around $15.

The mains were about $19-$27 average with lobster and crab and other seafood costing more.

Barb and I started with a salad consisting of crudités served with a garlic balsamic vinegar dipping sauce. Mmmm! Especially yummy was the combination of fennel dipped into this sauce.

For our mains, Barb had tournedos of beef in a red wine sauce which was flavourful and tender. And I had the veal shanks which were came right off of the bone and were served in a nice tomato based sauce. David tried one of the specials: a 16 oz. veal chop in wild mushroom sauce which he really enjoyed and Jeanne had her favourite, a lemony sole which was fresh, not frozen! Superb!

We finished with dessert and coffee. The highlight was my "Chocolate Salami" which was white and dark chocolate pate with biscotti and a hint of liqueur. Excellent for $6.95

This restaurant is inexpensive for Yaletown and the ambiance and service is friendly and comforting! We will be back!

Amacord, 1168 Hamilton St. 604 681 6500