Dog Won't Eat aka Gou-Bu-Li

Joshau Allen, author of Better Living Through Software, swears by the dumplings of the northern Chinese restaurant, Gou-Bu-Li (Dog Won't Eat in English) on Broadway between Main and Kingsway.

We are intrigued because we love dumplings! If anybody has ever eaten there, please let us know.

Ezogiku Noodle Cafe: Great Ramen and Gyozas

If you are like me and you have a craving for miso or charsiu ramen from time to time, then please check out my mini-review of Ezogiku Noodle Cafe.

Anne's San Francisco and Napa Restaurant Recommendations

Anne wrote in with her San Francisco and Napa Valley restaurant recommendations. Thanks, Anne!

If anybody else has recommendations for restaurants in San Francisco and Napa Valley (especially ethnic "hole in the wall" places!), please let us know (requires quick and easy site membership)!

First Visit: Grand Honour Hot Pot Restaurant

I thought it was strange that we went to a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant for Chinese fondue in the middle of Vancouver's summer heatwave.

However, after thoroughly enjoying our meal tonight at Grand Honour Hot Pot Restaurant (5668 Granville Street, 604 263 3988), it doesn't seem strange at all in retrospect.

I have never had Chinese Fondue before, but my first Chinese fondue was a treat.

First Visit: La Belle Epoque on Cambie

Tonight we tried the delicious crepes at La Belle Eopque (3306 Cambie Street at 17th, 604 709 6181).

I had a banana nutella crepe for $5.25 that was scrumptious and everybody else had the lemon and sugar crepe for three dollars and change. - Fresh Food from Vancouver's Fav Restaurants

We don't have kids, so we never order food in.

But if you do, I'd bet that a service that delivered food from good restaurants would be useful.

Shawn, a co-worker, pointed me to such a service, They deliver "quality restaurant meals from Vancouver's favourite restaurants" including some of my personal favourites such as Rubina Tandoori and Tropika.

Awesome birthday dinner at Tojo's

For my birthday yesterday, we dined at Tojo's. Read all about my fantastic birthday dinner at Tojo's!

First Visit: Modern Club

We had the good fortune to eat at Modern Club on Friday night with our friends Lisa and Susan.

We tried the "modern modern" okonomiyaki which consisted of cabbage, peppers, onions, noodles (soba), pork (bacon actually) and scallops and of course egg fried up and served with a think Worcestershire style sauce.

Need to try the Modern Club Japanese restaurant in Dunbar

In this week's Georgia Straight, Angela Murrills writes about what various chefs eat in their precious hours off (no link because the Straight doesn't put there articles on their website).

Delicious lamb burgers at Moderne Burger

Yesterday, before dancing we went to Moderne Burger and I tried their lamb burger. Every other time we have been there, they have had no lamb burgers.

For a buck extra, the lamb burger is worth it! Tender and not gamey! Mmmm. Yet another reason to go there (as if the great beef burgers, fries, shakes and atmosphere were not enough!).


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