Second Visit to Pondok Indonesia

On Friday we went to Pondok Indonesia for the second time. It was just as good as the first time, so I wrote this mini-review. Please check this restaurant out if you have a chance, you won't regret it!

Goldilocks Bake Shop

Barb had a craving for Filipino food today, so we went to Goldilocks Bake Shop today on Broadway (1606 West Broadway 604 736 7744). In addition to their famous baked goods and desserts popularized by the original Goldilocks chain in the Philippines, they also have a restaurant area that serves faithful renditions of all the Filipino classics. They have takeout as well.

Mini-Review: Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant

I'm getting to know Korean food better by trying out restaurants like Jang Mo Jib. This restaurant serves down to earth Korean dishes, specializing in a rich, homey beef broth. One can tell it's popular with many cultural groups, since its menu is in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese! Check out my review.

Surat Sweet leaves 4th Avenue!?!

I was shocked to find out today that another Indian restaurant has taken Surat Sweet's place on 4th Avenue. Surat Sweet was one of my favourite restaurants, vegetarian or otherwise. I am sad to see it go. Hopefully, it has merely relocated and is not permanently gone. Regardless, many thanks to the owners for the awesome ambiance, and Gujerati cuisine that I have enjoyed at their restaurant since my arrival here in 1998! Needless to say, if anybody has any news, please let us know!

Sanjha Punjab Sweets House

For our trip to Seattle this weekend, Barb picked up some samosas and sweets from Sanjha Punjab Sweets House in Surrey (the Vancouver suburb where she works). Check out our mini-review for more details.

Mini mini review of Habibi's

Habibi's Business Card: The card from Habibi's, one of Vancouver's finest vegetarian restaurants.

Guess where we went tonight? Habibi's of course. It was just as good as David mentioned on the 10th.

We had the tasting menu for two (6 tasting size dishes for $27) and the soup of the day ($3.25).

David Koop Reviews Habibi's

I've always wanted to try Habibi's (warning gratuitous use of Flash!) but just never got around to it! But I think I will now after reading David Koop's review!

David Koop reviews Safari Pies

In what I hope will be the first of many, David Koop has written a review of Safari Pies (a purveyor of nostalgia-laden oh so gourmet :-) meat pies) in City Square. Thanks David! Another place to check out!

Lhy Thai Restaurant - Another "hole in the wall" to try!

Since Barb and I are getting married in September, we are trying to resist the temptation to eat at our favourite really expensive restaurants.

Hainanese Chicken at Prata-Man is delicious!

If you have a craving for Hainanese chicken and you are in the Richmond area, go to Prata-Man and you will not be disappointed!


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