SteakCamp at Brave Bull tonight - Vancouver then and Now

Check out SteakCamp which is tonight at The Brave Bull at Clark and Hastings (join them if you wish), organized by Raul. However good or bad the food is, I love Rebecca's and others meta reflections on how we could be losing a certain Vancouver "essentialness" as neighbourhoods like Brave Bull's gentrify and change.


Deluxe Moderne Burger to Re-open Friday June 27, 2008!

Go Moderne Burger go! Full skinny from Andrew Morrison at Urban Diner. Fingers crossed that it re-opens without a hitch on Friday.

Now updating on Twitter as well!

Fallen in love with "micro-blogging" 140 character or less updates for VanEats and my personal stuff. I've added them to the right sidebar. You can also:


Mini mini review - La Buca

Since we haven't been doing so great at writing restaurant reviews, I'm going to start writing even briefer reviews. La Buca (4025 MacDonald Street, 604.730.6988) is a simply decorated but smart looking restaurant in the middle of nowhere (OK it's in Dunbar but there ain't much there).

The Great Food Challenge

I love a good food challenge. Not that food should be challenging. I just like to push myself a bit, think out of the box and try out new ingredients, cooking methods and flavours.

We have been thrown the ultimate challenge. The Kid has undergone some preliminary allergy testing and we have to put him on a 2 week food elimination trial:
-no shellfish
-no wheat
-no rice
-no eggs

No shellfish, no problem. We're not huge shellfish eaters.

No wheat. OK...

No eggs. Fine.

No rice. What?! He's Asian! What's he going to eat?!


VanEats on Living Vancouver

After a hectic week home from the holidays, today was my first chance to plug into Living Vancouver. I caught the Living to Eat segment and low and behold there's a link to VanEats' Baking Recipes! It's great for the show to support a local blog!

For more dessert recipes, also check out our Dessert Recipes section.


Baking Bread

I can't remember the last time I bought a loaf of "regular" bread. "Regular" bread meaning a loaf of whole wheat or multigrain sandwich bread. Over the last few months I've been experimenting with different whole wheat bread recipes and have come up with one that I'm happy with.

This loaf is pretty basic: whole wheat and unbleached flours, yeast, butter, honey, water, salt. The variations are limitless: vary the proportion of whole wheat to unbleached flours, throw in other flour or grains, seeds or nuts.


Tableland - a film about Sustainable Food

20071202-48- Tableland at the Ridge

Michael Ableman, Michael Stadtlaender, Heidi Noble, Brent Petkau aka The Oysterman, Sinclair Philip: These are just a fe



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