Mini-Review: Patisserie Lebeau

[UPDATE November 2002]: Not only does this patisserie have excellent desserts, they also have excellent baguettes. At only $1.75, they are a definite bargain!

If you are hungry for a French pastry or a Belgian waffle, Patisserie Lebeau is the place to go. On Sunday, they have awesome Belgian waffles and the rest of the time they serve traditional, wonderful French and Belgian cakes and pastries.

The location, just east of Burrard on 2nd avenue, is a bit out of the way but the trek is worth it.

Last Saturday, I had a chocolate eclair there and as always it was heavenly. The custard was divine; tasty and and real not like the stuff at lots of other places which is made from a mix! Mmmm and their waffle pastries and everything else are also good!

Patisserie Lebeau, 1728 West 2nd Avenue, 604 731 3528