Anybody been to Pia's Take-A-Lunch?

Our craving for Scandanavian food that was started by our item on Danish recipes was heightened by Jurgen Goethe's sandwhich feature in this week's Georgia Straight.

Crepe Montagne at Whistler

Our friends, Steve and Denise, had a free place to stay this weekend up at Whistler.

We took up their offer to stay with them and had great fun snowboarding and snowshoeing and of course eating.

We ate at Crepe Montagne for the second time yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it! Check out our mini-review for more details.

Phnom Penh Update!

According to VanEats reader, Wendy, and some of our friends, Phnom Penh's original location in Chinatown is still open. They've even undergone renovations recently. Although this location is further away from us, the drive is worth it!

Phnom Penh Restaurant, 244 Georgia St E, Vancouver, BC (604) 682-5777

Memphis Blues Barbeque House

Tonight we were planning to go to Phnom Penh, one of our favourite southeast Asian restaurants for dinner. When we arrived at their Broadway location, we found that another restaurant has moved into their space!! (We're looking into where they've moved). Distraught, we wandered around trying to think of some where else to dine.

A picture of Moderne Burger

The photo below doesn't do Moderne Burger justice but it gives you an idea of how great it looks and what to expect.

I took a lot more photos of our visit and if you are interested, please check them out." height="345" width="300" border="0" alt="Moderne Burger on February 16, 2002: Here's a picture of how Moderne Burger looked at around 9p.m. on February 16, 2002.

Dine in Vintage Style at Moderne Burger!

The burgers at Moderne Burger are our current favourites! Check out our mini review of Moderne Burger for more details.

Divine Lemon Tart at Boleto

As part of our Valentine's dinner we bought a lemon tart at Boleto (2563 West Broadway, 604 739-1314). It was absolutely delicious! Highly recommended!

Verdicchio's Deli and Trattoria

At last Tuesday's cooking lesson by Chef Paolo Monti, Verdicchio's Deli and Trattoria of West Vancouver donated some excellent cheese and meat platters.

Our favourites were the soppressata and prosciutto salami.

I've never been to West Vancouver other than on the way to Whistler but Verdichio sounds like it's worth the journey over the Lion's Gate bridge to West Vancouver!

1st Visit: Moderne Burger

Moderne Burger (they don't appear to have a website yet) opened two months ago after a long startup period. Barb and I used to walk by it on Broadway last summer and wondered if it would ever open.

Well the wait is finally over and it was worth it! It's a beautiful restaurant done up with vintage diner style booths, furniture and sound system. Cool mint green and lots of chrome. You really feel like you've been in a timewarp and it's the 1950s all over again!

We went yesterday night after our swing dance workshop. We were pleasantly surprised to find out the food is great!

Raku renamed to Guu Kuimonoya

I keep meaning to mention that one of our favourite restaurants, Raku, was renamed to Guu about a year ago! Don't worry same great Japanese home style food, same great prices and same recommendation: go! I have also revised my 2001 favourite restaurant story to include Guu. I left Guu out by accident previously!


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