Mini-Review: Roti Bistro

Roti bistro is a small comfortable oasis of Caribbean calm in Kits on 4th Avenue just a couple of blocks west of Burrard. Everything is good and cheap here! I've tried the stuffed rotis filled with chick peas and curried chicken and the jerk chicken and samosas, Jamaican patties and the drinks. All are very tasty and inexpensive and can be ordered with the spice level you desire. I especially love the peanut drink!

Last Friday I had the ultra cheap and ultra filling $5.99 special. A huge roti filled with jerk chicken and a Carib beer all for $5.99 (and with a little salad on the side). It is very easy to have a huge meal for ten bucks a person here!

Highly recommended!

Roti Bistro, 1958 West Fourth Avenue, 604 730 9906