Mini-mini review: Cuu Long Vietnamese Restaurant

On our first date, Barb and I tried to go to Cuu Long and it was closed!

We went back and the rest is history :-) !

Cuu Long is cheap and has flavourful Vietnamese food. It's not big on ambiance but the food more than makes up for it! Tonight we had #26, "Salad roll with meat and Shrimp" or "Goi cuon" for $4 and "Grilled pork & spring roll over vermicelli cakes/assorted vegetables", or "Banh hoi thit nuong, cha gio" #41 for $9. The menu is available on line too!

The salad roll was awesome! The wrapper was not thick and dry which is what you get at lot of other places and the shrimp was sweet and it was nice dipped into the sauce.

And we had a great time taking the lettuce, plopping a vermicelli cake on top, dipping the pork in to the fish sauce, putting it on top with some lemon grass hot sauce (gotta ask for this), bean sprouts and basil leaves and rolling it all up for a delightful, multi-textured Vietnamese rollup! Mmmm!

Cuu Long, 3911 Knight Street (at Kingsway), 604 873 6926