Barb's FAQ

Confessions of a Foodie:
I am wai sik.
I travel to eat.
I read cookbooks cover to cover.
Food is an expression of my affection.
I am fascinated by all aspects of food: growing, producing, buying, cooking, eating.
I can taste recipes I read.
Food is my art.
I am a Foodie.

I grew up in a home where food is as important as air. Life evolves around the kitchen. For every special occasion, we eat. I was lucky enough to be raised at the apron strings of my Grandma and I have vivid warm memories of her wonderful cooking that expressed her beautiful, nurturing spirit. It was in her kitchen where I was first exposed to the fascinating, delectable world of cooking and eating well.

My lifelong interest and adventure in food really took off when my parents (Oh, thank you!!) bought me an Easy Bake Oven from a church bazaar when I was four years old (the best toy ever!). My fascination and creativity with baking and cooking have not waned since.

I think about food a lot. From what Im having for dinner to what I'll be serving at my next party to new experiments to try out on friends. I'm always seeking out new and interesting local food related things. I feel spoiled by all the great food Vancouver has to offer. We have a bounty of food grown, raised and produced locally and a diverse abundance of dining establishments and stores influenced by the four corners of the world!

Since I'm constantly cooking and sharing food with friends and family, starting up a website about food just seemed to be the next logical step in sharing my love for food. So, I hope you'll enjoy our website about the Vancouver food scene. We hope you'll share your love of food with us too by becoming a member of the site (it's free) and joining in the discussion.