Mini-mini Review: Sagar Restaurant

Tonight we went to Sagar Restaurant.

This restaurant specializes in Dosas, a south Indian specialiy, which is basically a thin crispy crepe filled with various things. My favourite is Masala Dosa which contains curried potatoes and is served with coconut chutney and tamarind sauce. All this for just $7!

The five of us tonight each had a dosa, we had two pakoras, an alu puri and chana (chick peas served with bread), some excellent ginger and garlic naan (the ginger was fantastic), and a mango juice for $51 without the tip.

I ordererd a masala dosa and really liked it. Except for the crepe which wasn't as crispy as I like, it was great! The potato curry filling was spicy without going overboard but was still very flavourful and the coconut chutney (one of the best I've ever had!) and tamarind sauce were excellent accompanments.

Sagar Restaurant, 6560 Main Street (just south of 49th), 604 322 7772