VanEats is made possible through the blood, sweat and tears of:

VanEats Diva: Barb

Linkologist, Manila hacker and Jack of All Trades: Roland

Graphicsmeister: Vlad

We use the following hardware:

Apple Macintosh G3 (Blue & White) , iMac DV SE, AppleVision 1710AV monitor, Epson Photo 700 printer, Sony Multiscan 200ES monitor, Compaq Presario 9546, Macintosh Powerbook G3

We use the following software:

Adobe Photoshop 5 Mac, Manila, Pike, Netscape Navigator 4.73 Mac, IE 5.0 Mac, IE 5 PC, MS Word 97, BBEdit 4.5

With the help of:

Duke Ellington, Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra, Fletcher Henderson, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and all the Swing greats, countless bagels, rice, pesto, and pasta.