Win Win at Zin! aka First Visit: Zin

We can confirm that Angela Murrill's review of Zin (1277 Robson Street, 604 408-1700, Official Zin Website) in the Georgia Straight this week is "spot on".

Mini-Review: Blitzen Break

Shopping or working in Gastown or at Dressew? Need a quick, tasty and cheap lunch, breakfast, or snack? Then Blitzen Break is a good place to go. Check out our Blitzen Break Mini-Review for more details and also check out our Blitzen Break photos here and here.

Tiffins from Rubina Grill at Granville Island

On Saturday, for $10 (tax included!) we bought a tiffin from Rubina Grill on Granville Island. Such a deal! For $10, you get a tiffin which is a stackable set of stainless steel metal tins. Not only do you get the tiffin itself, but the two tins are filled with rice topped with two entrees from Rubina Grill.

Yesterday, we enjoyed broccoli and mango and rice in one of the tins of the tiffin and tamarind beef with mushrooms and rice in the other. Delicious!

Ryan is cooking "Best of British" at Dubrulle's Pavilion

One of our readers, Ryan, replied to our item about Dubrulle's Chef's Table at the Pavilion to say that he will be cooking Monday-Thursday March 17-20 which features the "Best of British".

We are intrigued because he aims to dispel the myths around British cuisine and British restaurants have received a lot of favourable press in recent years.

First Visit: Tiny's Cafe

Tiny's (740 West. Hastings, 604 684-1037) is a Vancouver institution that has been serving food to downtown office workers, tourists and shoppers for several decades.

I tried it out today as part of my quest to discover the best lunch spots in downtown Vancouver.

Chef's Table at Dubrulle Stanley Pavilion

The Chef's Table at Dubrulle's on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Pavilion in Stanley Park sounds great!

Student Chefs prepare a 5-6 course Tasting Menu from world cuisines (such as Italian, African, French and Asian Traditions) live while you watch!

And the cost is only $29/person plus tax and tip!

Or if you have a party of 20 or more you can book your own event for $39/person.

Tartine Bread and Pies

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This news item was submitted by Sher, one of our readers! Thanks! You can submit your own news too. All you need to do is to join the site. It's quick and painless. We look forward to trying out Tartine and posting a follow up item.]

Tartine (770 Beach Avenue between Howe and Granville, 604 685-7437) recently opened.

Mini-Review: Double Double

If you are craving congee, noodles or wonton, then check out Double Double. You won't regret it!

First Visit: Blitzen Break on West Hastings

Blitzen Break (website forthcoming at, 322 West Hastings, 604 688-1655) is a hole in the wall German eatery specializing in German sausages. The atmosphere is pleasant and there is actually a counter and a few tables where you can sit inside.

First Visit: Good Friend Korean Restaurant in Kits

We love Korean food but sometimes we don't want to go all the way to Kingsway or downtown to Jang Mo Jib.

Fortunately, the recently opened Good Friend Korean Restaurant (3569 West Broadway just west of Alma, 604 731-3202) is very close to where we live!

Today, we tried it for the very first time for lunch.


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