First Visit: Hapa Izakaya

If I was so bold as to summarize the virtues of Hapa Izakaya (1479 Robson Street at Nicola, 604 689-4272) it would be: Guu for Grownups!

Guu is like going over to your friend's house in university to eat. But this wouldn't be the usual student fare since your friend happens to be an excellent Japanese chef!

Tapenade Mediterranean Bistro in Steveston

I met Kelly Loeppky tonight and he told me about a new restaurant in Steveston called the Tapenade Mediterranean Bistro (3711 Bayview Street, Steveston; 604-275-5188) .

Abbotsford Good Eating at Vi La Palace Vietnamese & Cosy Cot

To answer my own question that I posed earlier, of course there is good food in Abbotsford!

This weekend at the Lindy Hop Swing (dance) Summit 2003 in Abbotsford, we ate at two good restaurants that served inexpensive and tasty food:

Sherry's Carpathian Kitchen in Chiliwack

Ukrainian food in Chiliwack at Sherry's Carpathian Kitchen in Chiliwack (#3 - 45835 Airport Road Chilliwack, B.C., 604 792-8073) sounds great! Unfortunately, I think it's too far from Abbotsford to go in between our Lindy Hop workshops. Still looking for good restaurants in Abby! Please let us know if you know of any.

Desperately seeking good restaurants in Abbotsford

Help! We are going to Abbotsford this weekend for the Lindy Hop Swing Summit. And we are desperately seeking VanEats type restaurants.

You know the type: ethnic, hole in the wall, or offbeat. Even better would be a pointer to a website about food in Abbotsford. Something with soul and passion that's operated by a bunch of foodies.

Blitzen Break hours changed

I walked by Blitzen Break today and was dismayed to find out that they have changed their opening hours to Monday - Friday noon to five p.m.!

Schade! I was really looking forward to having muesli for breakfast there. I'll drop in for lunch soon and get the full scoop.

First Visit: Wild Rice - Spectacular Cocktails and Quick Bites

We went to Wild Rice (117 West Pender, 604 642-2882) Thursday night for Dining Out for Life 2003.

It's a great, beautiful space. Perfect for cocktails and a quick bite.

We went with a large group and tried almost all of the small plates and a few of the larger plates.

Mouse and The Bean Moving Really Soon Now

Yesterday I took the following photo of the Mouse and The Bean's moving poster. I take it this means that they are moving really soon now!

Mouse and Bean - Opening Soon Poster: Mouse and Bean Moving Poster

Lombardo's - Still great after all these years

Tonight we enjoyed another excellent half Prosciutto Funghi and half Margherita pizza at Lombardo's.

What can we say that we didn't say before: the pizza at both Lombardo's restaurant and his son's restaurant, Marcello, is to die for. Excellent thin crust and excellent ingredients combine to make delicious pizzas. And it has been that way for many, many years.

First Visit: Golden Great Wall Szechuan Restaurant

Our friends Ron and Loraine love the Golden Great Wall Szechuan Restaurant (B2-525 West Broadway, 604 872-0328). So it didn't take much persuasion for Barb and I to try it out last night with a group of friends.

We were really excited to read Adam's very postive review of the Golden Great Wall.


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