Jang Mo Jib Express to open up Downtown!

The other day I spotted a new restaurant under construction: Jang Mo Jib Express on Richards just south of Hastings. I can't wait! Jang Mo Jib on Kingsway and Robson are two of our favourite places to eat because they offer spicy, tasty authentic Korean food.

Needless to say, I will be watching the situation closely and I shall be one of the first to check it out when it opens!

Another great meal at Moderne Burger

We had another great meal tonight at Moderne Burger. If you eat meat, you must go there as we have said before. And they also have veggie burgers too so everybody can enjoy their tasty food and cool 40s and 50s atmosphere. And now Moderne Burger has a simple yet elegant website! (Peter, if you want to have a cool VanEats-like weblog for your restaurant, please let me know!)

First Visit: Galing-Galing

My Dad (who was visiting all too briefly) and I tried out Galing-Galing yesterday and really enjoyed it.

It is a large, cafeteria style restaurant, that serves home-style Filipino food.

Dad chatted briefly with the staff in Filipino. We learned that "Galing-Galing" is slang for "magaling" which means good or excellent which the food is! And business must be good because they are expanding.

The food isn't overly pretentious or sophisticated but it works because it is tasty, the portions are ample and the prices while not cheap are fair.

First Visit: Seasons in the Park

If you are looking for a restaurant with a view, Seasons in the Park has fabulous views of downtown and North Vancouver.

The food is high quality but not inexpensive. Dinner for five with five mains and four starters and two desserts was about $225 without tip.

I really enjoyed my starter which was spot prawn spring rolls with goat cheese and greens ($12). The prawns were spot :-) on: sweet and tender. Very tasty.

The highlight of my evening was the Chocolate Fudge Cake with Glazed Bananas.

Desperately seeking San Francisco restaurants

Barring a last minute cancellation, it looks like we will NOT be going to the French Laundry. Thanks to everybody for the support and help!

Life goes on and so we are going back to our first love: hole in the wall restaurants.

First Visit: Boleto

We have been to Boleto many times for their awesome bread and lemon tarts fresh from their onsite bakery. Highly recommended!

We have also been a couple of times for lunch but never bothered for some unfathomable reason to report on it here.

Café Bombay

I often walk by 1st Avenue in Kits on my way home from downtown. The other day, I noticed that a new restaurant had taken the place of Siena.

The new restaurant is Café Bombay (1809 West 1st Avenue, 604 738 2727) and from a cursory inspection of their menu, it looks like it has some awesome Bombay appetizers and entrees. A restaurant to try!

Quest for Paolo's new restaurant in Vancouver

Kimberly, one of our readers, is looking for an Italian restaurant in Vancouver that is run by Paolo who used to run Brunello's in St. Peterburg, Florida.

Please help her out!.

Bola Bola at New Town Bakery

At this year's VTDS Tap festival, I took advantage of the close proximity of Hastings Dance (one of the festival venues) to Chinatown.

Between classes, I walked to Chinatown and bought myself a "Special Chicken" bun aka "bola bola". This bun is filled with chicken and an egg and other savoury delights and it is both Filipino and Chinese.


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