Fish and Chips at Dave's Restaurant in Steveston

We tried the fish and chips today at Dave's Fish and Chips in Steveston (3460 Moncton Street, Richmond, 604 271-7555) based on our friend Lisa's recomendation!

For about $9 you get two pieces of cod and chips or for about $11 you get two piece of halibut and chips. The batter was the traditional thicker batter which we enjoy.

Chocolate Rugelach from Siegel's Bagels!

A chocolate rugelach from Siegel's Bagels is a $1.50 piece of dessert heaven! We tried one out tonight on a whim after we picked up a dozen of their awesome bagels for the special Tuesday-only price of $5.95.

Flaky, not overly sweet and not overly chocolatey, a chocolate rugelach is a great winter comfort dessert. Snap 'em up while you can because Siegel's seems to change its dessert selection a lot!

Chartwell's 5 course Foie Gras Menu throughout November

From the "I-don't-know-how-we-missed-this" department, we found out today that Chartwell is serving a 5 course Foie Gras Menu throughout November.

If we had known about this earlier, we would have checked it out because Barb loves foie gras, but now it's too late. If any of our readers have already tried it or will try it out please let us know!

Dine Out Vancouver 24 January - 2 February, 2003

Tourism Vancouver is sponsoring Dine Out Vancouver from January 24th until February 2nd, 2003.

Dine Out Vancouver is modelled on similar events in other cities. It involves more than 50 restaurants. These restaurants will be offering a three course tasting menu (appetizer, entrée and dessert) for $15 or $25. This is an excellent deal!

More info on the participating restaurants soon!

Boleto ist kaput :-( !

I had a funny feeling when I called Boleto last Thursday to make a dinner reservation and their answering machine said that they will be closed until further notice.

Barb and I walked past the restaurant today and found out the reason: financial difficulties.

We hope that it re-opens soon or that the talented people behind Boleto's great bread, desserts and fine food like Pasta Con Le Sarde re-emerge at a new restaurant. Thanks for all the great food and see you soon!

Mondo Gelato

Another affordable luxury is gelato. And we are fortunate to have lots of great gelato in Vancouver!

Jang Mo Jib Redux

In this week's Georgia Straight, Angela Murrills raves about Jang Mo Jib. It's an excellent article but she forgot to mention the newly opened Jang Mo Jib Express on Richards Street which we wrote about a week ago.

All three are great and basically have the same food: Express is the smallest, Kingsway has more of a family feel and Robson is noisier, louder and brasher kind of like Robson street!

Mini-Review: Grand Honour Hot Pot Restaurant

If you are looking for a place for Chinese fondue to warm you up during the chilly, damp, rainy Vancouver winter, check out our latest review: Mini-Review: Grand Honour Hot Pot.

Jang Mo Jib Express on Richards now open!

I have been waiting with great anticipation for the opening of Jang Mo Jib Express on Richards.

First Visit: Café Bombay

Barb and I finally had the chance to visit Café Bombay last week.

It was a Friday night at about 9p.m. We walked in and were pleasantly surprised by live Indian music.

The room's layout hasn't changed but the decor is now soothing Indian complete with vintage photos of India on the wall.

Since it was so late, we only ordered two starters and one appetizer.


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