Mini-Review Double Double

Double Double is a Hong Kong style wonton, congee and noodle house which means it is restaurant that serves inexpensive, quick and tasty food without pretension.

The room is not elaborately decorated but full of energy as the staff juggles the food fast and furiously.

We go there for the congee (rice porridge) and the Chinese style doughnuts (These long, thin and deep-fried delectables look like long thin ├ęclairs with no icing. Both savoury and sweet are available) which we love dipping in the congee as well as eating on their own. We also love their noodles and ....

On our last visit for lunch we had the following: a large bowl of congee with dried fish, peanuts and beans ($9.50 serves 4-6, smaller sizes are available), sweet and sour wontons ($5.80), savoury Chinese doughnuts ($1.50), sweet Chinese doughnuts ($1.50), a bowl of beef brisket noodles in a clear broth with lots of cilantro ($4.50), spicy green beans ($6.50) and radish cake ($2.50). All the dishes were good but my favourites were the congee ( a step up from the congee in other Chinese restaurants), the beef brisket with noodle (I loved the clear notes of cilantro and the clean tasty broth) and the radish cake (stuffed with tasty fried shrimp, mmm!).

A filling and tasty meal for four that came to a grand total of $34 before tax and tip! Very cheap! Check it out!

Double Double Wonton Restaurant, 2052 Kingsway, 604 874-6644

Here''s a picture of their sign

Double Double Wonton Restaurant Sign: Part of the Double Double Restaurant Sign