Mini-review: Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant

A few weeks ago, Roland and I popped into Jang Mo Jib for dinner. We had passed it several times and had wanted to try it out, since we vaguely remembered reading about it's great beef soup. Since that first visit, I've taken my mum there and I'm impressed by their interesting and traditional Korean dishes.

Jang Mo Jib specializes in a rich, clear beef broth that is made from beef bones, meat and tendons that is slowly simmered for 24 hours. The broth based dishes are wonderfully light yet flavourful and fat free (they skim off all the fat--my dad would love it!). There are several dishes that are based on this beef broth. So far I've tried the broth with wheat noodles, tripe and spleen (yes spleen! It tasted like liver). One with soft tofu and kimchi. And another with succulent beef dumplings and chewy rice cakes. Some soups come to the table in cast iron pots into which the waitress will crack a raw egg.

Jang Mo Jib also serves more common dishes such as bulgokee (barbequed marinated meat) and bibimbap (rice topped with assorted vegetables). They also serve traditional dishes such as a crispy seafood pancake (full of squid, oysters and shrimp), a beef tongue and tripe dish, and handmade noodles cooked in spicy sauce. With each meal, diners are also presented with an assortment of side dishes such as various kimchi, cooked soybean sprouts and a seaweed salad, rice and a light sweet "tea" for dessert.

The dishes are extremely reasonable...on both visits, the two of us stuffed ourselves for under $25 tax included.

Jang Mo Jib 1031 Kingsway, Vancouver , 604 872-0712