Anybody been to Pia's Take-A-Lunch?

Our craving for Scandanavian food that was started by our item on Danish recipes was heightened by Jurgen Goethe's sandwhich feature in this week's Georgia Straight. Jurgen writes about the "sensational" sandwhiches at Pia's Take-A-Lunch (for some reason Jurgen called it Pia's Classic Kaffe in his article; maybe the name has changed recently?) at 605 West Pender Street (telephone 604 684 2737).

He raves about the open-face platter for $7.50 and the herring combo for $5.50. I have to try the open-face platter! I'll leave the herring for Jurgen, Barb and other herring lovers :-)

If anybody has tried this place out, please let us know by clicking on Discuss (requires quick, painless and spam free membership) or by emailing us.

Needless to say, when we try this we'll report what we find here!