1st Visit: Moderne Burger

Moderne Burger (they don't appear to have a website yet) opened two months ago after a long startup period. Barb and I used to walk by it on Broadway last summer and wondered if it would ever open.

Well the wait is finally over and it was worth it! It's a beautiful restaurant done up with vintage diner style booths, furniture and sound system. Cool mint green and lots of chrome. You really feel like you've been in a timewarp and it's the 1950s all over again!

We went yesterday night after our swing dance workshop. We were pleasantly surprised to find out the food is great! A hamburger with fries is about 8 bucks, a buck or two cheaper without fries! I would suggest that if you have a normal appetite that every other person order the platter with fries because you get quite alot!

The burger was great! Not greasy! Flavourful! And the fries were done right! Mmmm. I also ordered a chocolate milkshake which was yummy! Next time I'll go for the "thick" shake for an extra 50 cents and we will do a proper mini review.

Moderne Burger, 2507 Broadway West (just West of Larch), 604 739 0005