Mini Review: Moderne Burger

Moderne Burger, like VanEats, is a labour of love and it shows.

As the co-founder, Peter Kokinis, explained to me tonight, everything in the restaurant reflects his love of 40s and 50s design and his love of barbequing.

From the paint scheme, which is yellow with mint green to the brushed chrome interior to the vintage posters, jukebox, speakers, cash register and even the windows above the washroom, every detail was planned, sketched and either bought at vintage shops or made to detailed specifications drawn up by Peter.

Even the food reflects Peter and his brother and co-founder, Louie's love of grilling in the backyard.

All burgers are fresh and hand-made. No mass produced burgers. Just pure honest to goodness beef. The fries are cut when you order And the shakes are beautiful and thick. About their only other concession to the 21st century is the inclusion of veggie, turkey, salmon and chicken burgers. The rest of the menu is pretty much standard diner fare: burgers, shakes, cherry cokes, vanilla cokes, etc.

The prices are very reasonable: $7.95 for a burger platter with fries, $6.95 for a burger. If you have a normal appetite than I would suggest ordering one platter for every two persons because the amount of fries you get with the platter is too much unless you are extremely hungry.

The food is first rate: the burgers are juicy and good and the shakes refreshing. And the ambiance is just right. Cool vintage style paired with vintage 50s and 40s big band music. If you close your eyes, it's easy to imagine you are back in the 40s and 50s.

Moderne Burger, 2507 West Broadway, 604 739-0005