Memphis Blues Barbeque House

Tonight we were planning to go to Phnom Penh, one of our favourite southeast Asian restaurants for dinner. When we arrived at their Broadway location, we found that another restaurant has moved into their space!! (We're looking into where they've moved). Distraught, we wandered around trying to think of some where else to dine.

Our carnivorous tendencies suddenly kicked in and we headed to Memphis Blues Barbeque House. A few months ago we had read a review and were intrigued by a sampler platter that was described as 5 lb. of cooked meat. We had thought about going with friends to share a platter, but when I walked into the casual space, there were couples sharing the generous platter. Not pairs of big burly guys sharing platters, but pairs of women sharing platters. We decided that we could plow through a platter and we ordered one.

The infamous Memphis Feast features all the Southern style barbeque items slowly smoked over hardwood: pork ribs, rib ends, beef brisket, sausage and half chicken. The platter also included fries, potato salad, coleslaw, BBQ pit beans, cornbread and barbeque sauce.

All the meat was tender, smokey and lusciously juicy. I especially liked the ribs and rib ends: the meat was tender and almost falling off the bone, yet still firm. I'm not usually a big fan of baked beans, but the ones served here were rich, smokey and not too sweet.

We will definitely be visiting Memphis Blues again in the future with our other carnivore friends. By the way, we ended up bringing home a substantial doggy bag.

Memphis Blues Barbeque House, 1465 West Broadway, 604.738.6806