9th Avenue Grill Now Open!

9th Avenue Grill Now Open

The 9th Avenue Grill (1822 Broadway) has been open for several weeks now. It appears to be at least a breakfast place since it opens at 6:30a.m. I bet they have lunch and dinner too.

Wontons and Dumplings at Double Double last Saturday

Lunch at Double Double

Happy to report that the food at Double Double still rocks! Check out the shrimp wonton (left) and the chive dumpling (right). Still highly recommended in 2004!

Guu with Otokomae- please open for lunch in tourist season

Guu with Otokomae with Marc Canter et al

I really wish Guu with Otokomae in Gastown was open for lunch. I understand that it might not be profitable during winter but during tourist season (summer), I see tons of people at lunchtime passing by, looking at their closed sign and going to the the other Japanese place next door.

Java Jazz Cafe Bistro in New West - A lil' Java, a lotta Jazz [Saab Ken]

[ROLAND'S NOTE: Thanks Ken for another guest review! Kare kare is one of my Filipino favourites. If anybody else wants to contribute a review, join the site and post it yourself or email it to us.]

We felt like getting a good dose of live jazz over the long weekend and headed out to New Westminster to Java Jazz Cafe Bistro (12 - 6th Street,

Nat's Meat Deluxe

Nat's Meat Deluxe

Before the birth of our son, we never ordered in. Now, we have discovered the joy of free delivery (until we move to East Van in October!) from Nat's!

Szechuan Chili Dumplings at Spicy Court

Dim Sum at Spicy Court

The Szechuan Chili Dumplings at Spicy Court are amazing! Lots of spice but also tasty with a wrapper that's got the right texture and delicious pork and shrimp filling.

Highly recommended for dim sum at Spicy Court!

First Visit - Sage Bistro at UBC

Sage Bistro at UBC for lunch

Cyprien and I had lunch at the Sage Bistro on Thursday to talk about the NorthernVoice blogging conference on February 19, 2005 and other things.

Moderne Burger's burgers are the best in Vancouver

Another great meal at Moderne Burger

Even if we hadn't become friends with Peter and the crew at Moderne Burger, I would still be recommending their fabulous burgers.

Juicy, tender just the way we like it! Highly recommended.

The Mouse and the Bean - Menu del Dia

The Mouse and the Bean - Menu del dia

The Mouse and the Bean Menu del Dia (menu of the day) for about $9 plus tax and tip is always a good deal. You get a drink (usually their delicious watermelon juice), soup or salad and a main. Lots of food and a great lunch. You won't need a big supper.

Congee at Kwong Chow

Congee at Kwong Chow


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