Mini-Review: The Mouse and The Bean

We have covered The Mouse and The Bean many times on VanEats but for some reason never did a mini-review.

Now that they have moved their new location at the north west corner of Cambie and West Hastings, it is time.

The new space at the site of the old Victory Cafe is colourfully and cheerfully decorated and much bigger. No longer a hole in the wall, it is now a full fledged room and the menu has grown..

The chicken quesadillas are still a favourite and still a bargain at for $3.50. We haven't tried everything on the expanded menu but they do have a lunch special for those with a bigger appetite.

For $9.50 you get juice (we had watermelon last time), chicken soup with chayote, marinated beef strips with rice and refried beans. Delicious and recommended!

The Mouse and The Bean, 207 West Hastings, 604 633-1781