Spicy Court Chinese Restaurant

The Spicy Court Chinese Restaurant, on Cambie about a 1/2 block north of 41st, is a great refuge from the mayhem of shopping at the nearby temple of capitalism, Oakridge Mall.

Most everything we've had there has been good. Notably, the Peking duck is crispy and not greasy at all and is a great deal at $28 for an entire duck (2 courses)! The starter platter with jellyfish, Shanghainese smoked fish and spicy sesame chicken salad with cucumbers is a delightful mixture of textures and spicy and sweet flavours.

If you are lucky enough to have somebody in your party who reads Chinese (luckily Barb's parents do!), there are also set dinners which are very reasonable. if you don't read Chinese, you can ask the staff; I am sure they would translate for you. Tonight, we had a set dinner for 6 which included the starter platter mentioned above, lobster in a delicious cream sauce, shark's fin soup, hainanese free-range chicken, pea shoots with braised mushrooms and fried rice with shredded chicken and dried scallops and dessert!

They also serve dim sum which I haven't tried. If you order before 11:30, all dishes are 20% off! Let us know what you think if you try their dim sum.

Spicy Court Chinese Restaurant, 5638 Cambie Street, 325-1189