Libby's opens at 6:30 a.m. on Weekdays

For your reverse commuting delight (or in my case today if you are dropping people off at the airport early), Libby's is open at 6:30a.m.! Excellent!

Top 5 Lunch Restaurants in Vancouver - 2004

Looking for a good place for lunch? Check out my Top 5 Lunch Restaurants in Vancouver - 2004.

Mini-Review: Libby's

Croissant, soup and banana bread at Libby's - 6

The weather outside may be unusually chilly and snowy as shown in the photo above, but the coffee, food and free WiFi at Libby's (my "3rd office", Take 5 is my second office :-) !) are delightful. Check out Mini-Review: Libby's in East Van.

Vij's Rangoli now has a heated, covered patio

Vij's Rangoli has a heated, covered patio

Vij's Rangoli just keeps getting better.  I noticed the other day that it now sports an enclosed, heated patio.  Mmmm, that means more room to enjoy their yummy food. All the better in our dreary, rainy, Vancouver, winter weather!

Fabulous Christmas Brunch at La Petite France

Today we had one of the best meals we've had (if not the best) in 2004.  What was it? The fabulous five course Christmas brunch at La Petite France for $49.50 per person.  A deal at twice the price!

I could go on and on with superlatives but you should get a good idea of the love and care and wonderful taste of this meal from the pictures that follow.

For the full visual scoop, check out the La Petite France Christmas Brunch 2004 Flickr set.

First Visit: Great China Hotpot

Great China Hotpot Business Card

Mini-Review: Au Petit Cafe

Check out our mini review of Au Petit Cafe (complete with pictures)!

Shanghai Yan Yun Dim Sum House - Yan Yun Juicy Pork Buns

We love dumplings, so Barb and I have got to try out the Yan Yun Juicy Pork Buns at Shanghai Yan Yun Dim Sum House (3755 Main Street, 604 873-8896).

Cafe Lu Quan

I don't usually blog about restaurants that unless I remember to take notes and write down the prices, but I'll make an exception for the beautiful bowl I had on Friday at lunch at Cafe Lu Quan (1086 Kingsway, 604 875-8522).

Check out the beautiful bowl with noodles, sprouts, peanuts, pork, vietnamese spring rolls and nuoc cham:

Bali Thai Photos

19Nov2004 Bali Thai: Indonesian Food and Thai food - 1

Here's some Bali Thai (555 West Hastings Street in the Harbour Centre Food Court) photos that I promised a while back.

Their yummy catfish:


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