First Visit: East is East

After an exhausting Northern Voice (a one day Vancouver blogging conference that will take place on Saturday February 19, 2005) planning session, we checked out East is East (3243 West Broadway, 604 734-5881) for lunch today. There were six of us, so we were able to use the table in the back which was an intimate mini-room perfect for conversation. And the food is delicious too.

Mini-Review: Salty Tongue Urban Deli

Finally, after many years of happy eating! Check out our Mini-Review: Salty Tongue Urban Deli!

Mini-Review: Phnom Penh

We've been enjoying Phnom Penh since 2000 and in 2004 it's still great so I finally did a Mini-Review: Phnom Penh.

Mini-Review Tamarind Bistro

We had a fabulous meal (check out the blurry camerphone photo of the yummy Mumtaz Salad above) at the Tamarind Bistro (warning, they have done something strange with their website and it now longer works on Macs, please fix!) tonight. Check out our Mini-Review: Tamarind Bistro

First Visit: Bali Thai at Harbour Centre

Bali Thai (555 West Hastings Street in the Harbour Centre Food Court) is the new Indonesian restaurant by the former owners of the Indonesian restaurant on Fraser (which I believe was called Tak Sangka). Excellent, fast Indonesian and Thai food.

Pondok Indonesia serves large parties as well as small parties well!

Not only does Pondok Indonesia serve small groups well, they also served 24 hungry Drupal hackers, CivicSpace enthusiasts, open source people and political activists at a dinner I organized last Friday night with patience, grace and most importantly great food. Highly recommended!

Libby's is open until 8:30 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Our local East Van coffee shop/bistro Libby's is now open until 8:30p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Does this mean they are now serving dinner? I hope so. I will find out and report here but if anybody knows, please leave a comment.

Afghan Horsemen - Inspired by Benzo's review

The Afghan Horsemen has always intrigued me but I have never been there. After reading Benzo's short Afghan Horsemen review, I want to go even more! Someday, baby willing!

Libby's has free WiFi!

According to their latest ad in the Courier, Libby's has free WiFi.

I need to check out the free WiFi as well as write a mini-review (summary: delicious paninis and soup, highly recommended)! So much to write, so little time!


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