First Visit: go fish

Sat16Oct2004Food - Go Fish - 11

Mini Review: Cassis Bistro

Check out our Cassis Bistro Mini Review and then go eat there!

First Visit: Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

Mon11Oct2004Food - Dim Sum at Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine - 7

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine (604 279-8998, reservations accepted, located next to Rickey's in Richmond Centre) seems to be one of the current Cantonese "new new things".

Pondok Indonesia still rocks in 2004

Mon04Oct2004Food - Another Great Meal at Pondok Indonesia - 3

It's great to see that some things never change. Other than the fact that Pondok Indonesia now has an official website, nothing has changed. The food is still great and still inexpensive.

Vij's Rangoli - you can now eat there until 8p.m.

We went to Vij's Rangoli tonight to pick up some takeout and were delighted to find that you can now eat food as well as take out food until 8p.m. On our previous visits, takeout food was available until 8p.m. but could only eat in until 4p.m.

Needless to say, the food whether you eat-in or take out is still excellent. Flavourful, spicy but not too spicy just the right amount of heat and varied!

Green Lettuce continues to rock in 2004


In case you were wondering :-), Green Lettuce continues to serve inexpensive, delicious "Bombay Style" Chinese food such as the chicken hot and sour soup shown above.

1st Visit: Jolly's Bistro

Angela Murrills' review of Jolly's Bistro (2778 West 4th Avenue, 604-730-6929) was spot on as we discovered on our first visit last week to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Great Turkish coffee at Nuba

Another fine lunch at Nuba complete with great Turkish coffee

Loved the Turkish coffee ($2) at Nuba that I tried today at lunch. Great, strong but not over roasted flavour lightly flavoured with sugar. Mmmm.

Aqua Riva Review [Kerrie]

[ROLAND's NOTE: Thanks's Kerrie.  Looking forward to more reviews of places you are passionate about!]

I have never felt compelled or qualified (due to my nearly numb taste buds!) to review any of our restaurant visits for you guys, but after last night [editor's note: September 4th], I simply couldn't resist.

Seb's Market Cafe [Saab Ken]

[ROLAND's NOTE: Thanks Ken for another fun guest review!  Can't wait to check Seb's Market Cafe out. If you have a place you are passionate about, join the site and post it like Ken did!]

Read about them not too long ago, and last Sunday we hopped over to sample their brunch. Atmosphere is funky and cozy, touches of hardwork and TLC are obvious here. We especially liked the sheets of stainless steel that line the bar counter and on the walls.


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