Cool Thai Cooking lesson at eGullet

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eGullet is the best of all possible worlds and the worst of all possible worlds. It's the best because there's tons of great food related writing, reviews and writing. It's the worst because there is so much material that it's impossible to follow. To put my RSS advocate hat on, if there were RSS feeds, I think it would be easier to follow.


Boris's Königsberger Klopse

Bryght and Sxip Christmas German food fest - 1

I really enjoy German food; like Filipino food it will never have the broad appeal of Italian, Chinese, etc. but if you look beyond the stereotypes there's lots of great dishes.


Zak's Chinese Market Butter Chicken Recipe

Mmm. Zak promises that it he will cook his excellent sounding Chinese Market Butter Chicken for us some day. I am patiently waiting, Zak!

If you have a recipe, you love, please let us know and we will post or link to it here!


Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Most people I know have their Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday rather than Monday but for those who are having it on Monday, here are some tips on baking a turkey:


Cooking for Engineers

Cooking for Engineers has a very cool (albeit somewhat geeky) visual way of diagramming recipes. Check it out.


James Liu's Hand Made Potsticker Recipe

[via Tim Bray] - Cool illustrated potsticker recipe (one of my fav things in the world) from James C. Liu!


Lamb Tagine

Another dish that I made for Kerrie's birthday was lamb tagine.


Gung Haggis Fat Choy Recipes from City Cooks

Check out the GungHaggisFatChoy recipes for Stuffed Haggis Tofu, Haggis Wonton Soup and Haggis Spring Rolls over at the GungHaggisFatChoy blog. Mmm. Can't wait for Saturday and Sunday's GungHaggisFatChoy dinners!


Chicken with Green Olives and Preserved Lemon

On the weekend we celebrated Kerrie's birthday with a homecooked Moroccan meal. One of our dishes was chicken with green olives and preserved lemon.

We had to shop around a bit to find Moroccan preserved lemons and finally found some at Gourmet Warehouse. Although preserved lemon can be omitted from the recipe, it adds a very unique, slightly bitter-tart flavour to the dish that we loved.


Chocolate Griddle Cakes

On the weekend I tried out this recipe for chocolate griddle cakes from Epicurious. Instead of serving them with chocolate sauce as per the recipe, I served them with sour cherries in a light syrup and vanilla yogurt for afternoon tea.

The griddle cakes had a lovely intense chocolate flavour.



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