Chicken with Green Olives and Preserved Lemon

On the weekend we celebrated Kerrie's birthday with a homecooked Moroccan meal. One of our dishes was chicken with green olives and preserved lemon.

We had to shop around a bit to find Moroccan preserved lemons and finally found some at Gourmet Warehouse. Although preserved lemon can be omitted from the recipe, it adds a very unique, slightly bitter-tart flavour to the dish that we loved.



And might I add, IT WAS AWESOME!!! Sincerely, one of the best chicken dishes I have ever had. Thank you so much! You areally are one of the world's great cooks!

You can get a big jar of preserved lemons from the Halal meat store on Main and 23rd(?) (south of the Macdonalds and north of Solly's); westside of Main st. - for $4.95 (much cheaper than Gourmet Warehouse). There is a REALLY good Morrocan cookbook called "Couscous and other good food from Morocco" by Paula Wolfert. No pictures, but lots of history and text. Recipes quite tasty.

Gee, thanks you guys! It's always rewarding to cook for a captive audience!

barb rocks in the kitchen!