Ambition and the Bird: Alain Ducasse's Roast Chicken

For Easter dinner, Barb and I are having roast chicken with Barb's parents.

In keeping with the roast chicken theme, here's chef Alain Ducasse's roast chicken recipe (requires free membership) from the New York Times.

Happy Easter!


Hot Cross Buns

Via Rollberg News, I found this recipe for Hot Cross Buns. I wonder how it compares to Barb's Hot Cross Bun recipe?

Anyhow, an interesting fact that I learned from this Hot Cross Bun recipe is that Hot Cross buns date back to pre-Christian times and that the cross on the buns was a pagan symbol for the Sun wheel and the spring equinox..


Danish Recipes

Via, I found Christian's Danish Recipe Site. It is chock full of excellent looking Danish recipes such as Desserts and Breads. My favourite is the open faced sandwhich (or smorgasbord) section of the site. Check it!


Excellent Oatmeal Cookies

Tonight I had a hankering for oatmeal cookies. I made these cookies from Allrecipes Tried & True cookies; Top 200 Recipes cookbook..

They turned out to be chewy, just as I wanted. Instead of walnuts, I added dried cranberries and raisins. I also decreased the salt to 1/2 tsp. Next time I might add chocolate chips.


Lo Mein (Tossed Noodles)

We all have memories of comfort foods from our childhood. While other kids in our neighbourhood were chowing down on Kraft dinner, my folks were serving up lo mein.


Barb makes Baklava from epicurious

Tonight, Barb made Baklava from this recipe on epicurious. Delicious and highly recommended!


Dolmades from Seductions of Rice are great!

Barb made the Dolmades from Seductions of Rice tonight. They are great! One more dish that we don't have to order at restaurants any more.


Sylvia's Turkish Eggplant Salad

After attending a cooking course with Sylvia Molnar on Turkish cuisine, I've been craving the complex flavours of Turkish and other eastern Mediterranean cuisines. Countries such as Turkey, Lebannon, Greece and Syria share similar ingredients and flavours, yet each country has distinctive ways to prepare and serve these foods.


Pierre Franey's Arroz Con Pollo

After having paella at Sylvia Molnar's cooking cooking class last week, I had a craving for Arroz con Pollo.


Naked Chef's Roast Leg of Lamb w/Pancetta, Sage and Rosemary

Tonight we cooked the Naked Chef's Roast Leg of Lamb with Pancetta, Sage and Rosemary. It is absolutely gorgeous as he says!



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