Cool Thai Cooking lesson at eGullet

REPOSTING because Manila ate my post :-( !

eGullet is the best of all possible worlds and the worst of all possible worlds. It's the best because there's tons of great food related writing, reviews and writing. It's the worst because there is so much material that it's impossible to follow. To put my RSS advocate hat on, if there were RSS feeds, I think it would be easier to follow.

But I digress; I just rely on other people who do have RSS to find the best stuff. Like Andrea (thanks!), for example, who found this awesome Thai cooking lesson which led me to the mamster's web page with links to his Thai (and other cuisine) cooking columns.



sorry mamster! i've fixed it! and looking forward to your RSS feed!

Thanks for linking to my site and the Thai lesson pim <> and I produced for eGullet. Just one correction: as far as I know, I'm male. Also, I was just saying to myself that it's a shame my site doesn't have an RSS feed, so you've probably pushed me to make it happen sooner. As for eGullet, can't help you there. Best, Matthew.