Mark Bittman's Chicken With Fresh Curry Paste

Like all of Mark Bittman's recipes, his chicken with fresh curry paste (free membership required) is delicious and easy! As he says, For Tasty Curry, Ban the Can!

I made this curry last night and found the last minute addition of the juice from one lime adds a delightful sour flavour that nicely cuts the richness of the coconut milk.


Lisa's Yogurt Scones

Our friend Lisa makes these delicious yogurt scones. I think they're better than many of the scones I've eaten at specialty tea rooms! Be sure to serve them warm with jam and devon cream!


Banana Coconut Cream Pie

For our small dessert party before dancing last Saturday, Barb made this fantastic banana coconut cream pie. The grilled bananas make all the difference! If you have the time (and it doesn't take much), grill the bananas. It truly makes this dessert sublime!


Coconut Cream Pie

Here is the recipe that Barb uses to make fantastic coconut cream pie.


Textism's Caesar Salad

The writing at Textism (who is a former Vancouverite) always makes me smile and his wry, clever, deft recipe for Caesar salad made me chuckle! Check it out!


Apple Betty Squares

Before going swing dancing at St. James last night, some of our dance friends came over for dessert.


Biscotti di Prato

Biscotti di prato reminds me of some of the flavours we experienced on our trip to Tuscany...fennel seed, crunchy almonds, rustic texture. It's perfect for dipping into vin santo or a good strong cup of expresso. They keep well in a well sealed container for a few weeks.


Curried Squash and Apple Soup

This recipe came about at work when were thinking of something to do with carrots, apples, potatoes, onions and squash that we received with a Harvest Box order. Katy, our Program Assistant, was quick to find a recipe for curried squash and apple soup. Here's my version.


Vegetable Broth

My dad has a few key commandments for making soup: skim off all the fat from stock (he's religious about that!), and good broth is the basis for good soups. I've mastered making rich, flavourful and clear chicken broth from Dad's pointers. But more recently I've been making vegetable broth so that I can adapt more soup recipes for our vegetarian friends.


Italian Grape Cake

After buying such flavourful coronation grapes at the East Van Farmers' Market last weekend, I was determined to buy more grapes to use them in a dessert for our Thansksgiving (with an Italian twist) dinner. I ended up making Italian grape cake.



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