Privacy & Site Policies

[UPDATE 23 November 2004]: People in the restaurant industry are welcome to post here.  But please disclose your affiliation. For example, if you are a restaurant owner or a PR agent for a restaurant, please let us know.  "Astroturfing" which is posting positive messages for restaurants or other food related organizations without disclosing your affiliation is not allowed.  Astroturfing messages will be deleted without notice.

[UPDATE 20 Oct 2004]: Disrepectful email addresses or identifiers or any sort (e.g. x_sucks) will be deleted. VanEats is a space for civil discourse. Please post uncivil content on other sites! Remember Google's Blogger blogs are free and you can post whatever you want there!

[UPDATE 5 May 2004: Off topic posts (including comments that are relevant to other posts but not the post that they are posted under)  will be deleted.  If you disagree with anything here, it's ok to state that once.  Stating the same thing over and over again is non-productive and your repetitive comments will be deleted.  If you wish to do this, we recommend that you could start your own free blog at Blogger and post whatever you want there!]

This is a non commercial site!

Use of this site is free.

All material posted by members remains theirs.

We will not send out spam to members about special offers.

We will not sell our members list or give it away.

Discussion messages that are disrespectful of other members will be deleted.