VanEats is a non commercial and non profit site. It is our collaborative (with Barb and I being the editors and final arbiters) web based notebook and discussion group for those interested in dining and cooking in Vancouver.

Personal reviews and observations on restaurants, places to shop, etc. are welcome. However commercial press releases and things of an overtly commercial nature are not appropriate on VanEats itself but we don't mind linking to them on other sites.

For example, if you send us a press release we will not post it on VanEats. However if you send us a link (or write a news item) to a food related press release about your restaurant, shop, etc. and it's interesting to us (and most will probably be!) we would be glad to post a news item with a link to it. Or feel free to join the site and post a news item pointing to your press release. Barb and I will review it and post it to the site if we deem it appropriate (and most probably it would be).