Roland's FAQ

waisik: For the love of food [wai sik] - For the love of food

waisik: For the love of food is a Cantonese term that Barb introduced to me that perfectly captures the essence of our obsession with all things food related. Very loosely translated (I am not a linguist and I am not Chinese!) wai sik means "always (verging on obsession) thinking about food". Both Barb and I are wai sik and that in a nutshell, is why we are starting this website.

Why VanEats.Com?

I love food and love eating and always have ever since I was little.

And, thanks to my family and some great friends (Mama, Roël, Teresa, Yalan, and Doris thank-you!) who taught me about cooking and how to appreciate food, I also love to cook.

Vancouver is a great place to eat. There are lots of restaurants: Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, French, ... There seems to be at least one of every kind of restaurant here in this rainy city at every price level.

Vancouver is a great place to cook. You can get almost any ingredient that you need for almost any type of cooking.

I love the web! I love how people can share their thoughts freely and easily.

For these reasons, we are starting this website. To "share the wealth". To let people know about our favourite restaurants, our favourite recipes, our favourite places to buy food, etc. in Vancouver.

Our Promise to You

I don't know about you but I could have used a website like this when I first moved to Vancouver two years ago to help me get quickly acclimated to the food scene here!

Since we cook and eat out a lot, we'll keep this website current with our new discoveries. This should be as easy as pie since we are using Manila, a dynamic web site content management system, from Userland Software.

Your Turn!

So come on in, browse the site and explore. If you feel like contributing your own favourite restaurant, places to buy food, etc., in Vancouver, please become a member (it's free) and join in the discussion or start one!