James Liu's Hand Made Potsticker Recipe

[via Tim Bray] - Cool illustrated potsticker recipe (one of my fav things in the world) from James C. Liu!



Mmm...James' recipe is similar to my mum's (the best that I've ever had!). Mum uses homegrown Chinese chives only and skips the cabbage altogether. She also adds lots of finely chopped green onion. She says the most important seasonings are lots of ginger and sesame oil. Whenever I make dumplings, I make the wrapper dough with hot water and let the dough rest at least 1/2 hour. This relaxes the dough and you get silky yet chewy wrappers. Dumpling wrapping party anyone?

My fave dipping sauce is made by combining: 2 finely-chopped large cloves of garlic (or substitute with 1 tsp chopped Chinese green chives) 1 tsp sesame oil 4 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tbsp water used for cooking the dumplings (if boiled), or chicken stock otherwise optional: 1/2 tsp Vietnamese chili paste optional: julienned Japanese pink ginger But I've been known to throw in some Worcetershire which gives it a unique tang, similar to gyoza dipping sauce.

mmmm! is right..sounds great..thanks

This looks quite simple and tasty! Do you have any dipping sauce recipes?

sure: finely shredded ginger and red rice vinegar (or black rice vinegar) optional: couple of drops (or to taste) of chili oil and/or Vietnamese sirancha hot sauce mmmm!