Raisin Bread from HomeBaking

Roland loves raisin bread.  At the grocery store the other day I was just about to pick up a loaf for him when I figured that I probably have a good recipe for raisin bread that would be healthier and tastier than a store bought loaf.

I flipped through HomeBaking and found a recipe for Helen's Special Raisin Bread and decided to give it a try.  Not a hard decision, as the recipe (like all the recipes in HomeBaking) is written in a friendly, empowering and inspiring tone.

The raisin bread turned out fabulo


Pumpkin Roll Cake

For a Halloween celebration we went to, I wanted to make something with pumpkin that had traditional pumpkin pie flavour but was a bit different. I ended up making a simple yet delicious pumpkin roll cake.


Asian Online Recipes

Like Bad Girl Chocolates, Asian Online Recipes needs an RSS file to keep track of updates to the site without the spam concerns and problems inherent in email mailing lists.  Otherwise, how can a foodie keep up to date with their many excellent sounding recipes such as Filipino Sou


Brownie Pudding

A while back I pointed to a recipe for brownie pudding in the Globe and Mail. Unfortunately, the Globe's recipes are not permanent links! Luckily, I e-mailed the recipe to myself and here it is. Enjoy!


Tara's Dutch Apple Pie

You'll definitely eat well (or "Eet smakelijk" as Tara translated from Dutch) if you cook Tara's Dutch Apple Pie.  Check it out!  It's a great way to use those apples from the recent  UBC Apple Festival.


Banana Bread

Here's another great recipe for those overripe bananas. The recipe makes 2 loaves, so there's plenty for freezing or sharing.


Turkey Credits

This Thanksgiving a few friends made roast turkey using our recipe. They all got rave reviews from family and friends and I got a lot of thanks for posting the recipe.

Actually, full credits go to my mum, Betty, for coming up with the recipe!! She devised the high heat, moist method that ensures a juicy turkey in half the usual time. So thanks for the turkey, Mum, and thanks for your great cooking, culinary ideas and all your other recipes!


Bean and Sausage Stew

Now that evenings are getting nippy, I'm ready to say good-bye to summer's lighter fare and hello to hearty, soul warming dishes of autumn. With that in mind, my friend Anna and I popped by Oyama Sausage on the weekend to pick up a few different sausages for a stew.


Bran Muffins

We can all use a little more fibre in our lives. Here's my recipe for a basic bran muffin. They're supermoist yet don't call for much oil. Of course you can vary the dried fruit: I like a combination of raisins and chopped pitted dates.


Basic Granola

Recently I've been trying creative ways to eat more yogurt. So far my favourite way is to have yogurt with fresh local berries and homemade granola. Here's my basic recipe for granola. Of course there are a 101 different variations! One can use different types of nuts and seeds, add different fruit.

This recipe is not very sweet as the dried fruit adds a lot of sweetness. If you prefer a sweeter granola, double the honey and the sugar.



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