Roland's Fave Restaurants June 2000

Unlike Barb, I have only been living in Vancouver for two years, so it's quite easy for me to think of my favourite restaurants. There are so many good ones, however, that I am sure that two years from now, this list will be different.

Siegel's Bagels

Mmmmm mmmm. Ambrosia is a warm sesame or poppy seed bagel fresh from the oven at Siegel's. Their smoked meat is awesome too. Open 24 hours so that you can always get your fix! These are the only real bagels in the city in my not so humble opinion :-) Bagels from other places are OK if you think of them as bread! The next best thing to being in Montreal.

Siegel's Bagel's 1883 Cornwall Avenue, 604 737-8151

Surat Sweet

[UPDATE June 2001]: Surat Sweet has been replaced by another Indian restaurant. Don't know whether they shut down or whether they moved. Many thanks to the management for the wonderful meals we had there!

An oasis of serenity and calm amongst the shopping and bohemian frenzy of Burrard and 4th. This is Gujerati food at its purest. Healthy, tasty and not too spicy but exquisitely flavoured. Don't bother with the menu. Just ask the congenial proprietor what the specials are and order whatever he suggests. You won't notice that this is a vegetarian restaurant!

Surat Sweet, 1938 W 4th. 604 733-7363

Sun Sui Wah

Great dim sum in a beautiful restaurant. Very crowded on Sundays so try to get there before 11:30 if you don't want to wait in line. They are supposed to have a great evening menu but I've only had dim sum there.

Sun Sui Wah 3888 Main Street, 604 872-8822

Bo Kong

Wonderful Chinese Buddhist vegetarian food just a little bit north of Sun Sui Wah. You won't miss your meat here! Everything is good here. If you have a large group or are arriving after 7p.m. on a weekend, you should make a reservation.

Bo Kong 3068 Main Street, 604 876-3088


Don't think I can say it better than Barb's review.

Vij's 1480 W. 11th Ave., 604 736-6664

Banana Leaf

Killer home-made hot sauce plus killer Malaysian food (great Laksa!) make this one of my favourite restaurants. My Malaysian Chinese friend Choon-Han loved it and the food always reminds me of her wedding in Malaysia. It's too bad they don't sell the hot sauce. I would buy some!

Banana Leaf Malaysian Restaurant 820 West Broadway, 604 731-6333