Mini-Review: Prata-Man Restaurant in Richmond

One of my favourite places to have lunch in Richmond is the Prata-Man Singapore Restaurant. It's a small place with maybe 8 tables and not too many frills.

Their Hainanese chicken is the best I've ever tested. Always juicy, flavourful and masterfully cooked. Who needs frills when the chicken is this good?

The satay is also good there. What we usually have is one of their lunch combos. For $16, you get two glasses of barley tea (warm or cold, very refreshing and soothing), 6 sticks of pork, beef or chicken or mixed satay, the aforementioned hainanese chicken, rice, soup (a clear chicken broth) and one entree selection from a large list which includes laksas, various curries and various Singaporean noodle dishes.

Although none of the other dishes are as yummy as the Hainanese chicken they are decent and very filling. The $16 dollar lunch special is enough for three not so hungry people or two very hungry people

I've never been there for dinner, but since none of their dishes are over $9 (except for their whole and half hainanese chickens which are $19.50 and 13.50 respectively including rice and soup), I think dinner would be cheap and good as well!

This is definitely the place in Richmond for Hainanese chicken.

Prata-Man, 9060 Capstan Way, Richmond, 278-1348