Mahek Indian Restaurant

Mahek is one good reason to drive out to Delta for a meal. Check out this recent review of one of my favourite Indian restaurants.

The Other Raku

There used to be another Raku restaurant! Not the same one as I mentioned previously but a different one called "Raku Kushiyaki" on West 10th by UBC which served fusion "Japanese Canadian" tapas and inspired the cookbook, "Asian Tapas and Sushi: A Nibbler's Delight of Fusion Cooking".


Eat at Raku! You'll love its Japanese style tapas and down home cooking!

La Cantina

If you are ever in Hamilton, Ontario, please check out the fine Italian food at La Cantina. You will love it!

Marcello Pizzaria

Marcello is one of the best pizzarias in Vancouver. Right on the Drive, it's a great place to drop by for a scrumptious lunch on a busy shopping day.

Mini mini review: Vietnam City

We went to Vietnam City last Sunday on East Hastings. The food was good and inexpensive but of course the neighbourhood is a bit dodgy! The highlights of our meal were the "lemongrass" chicken which was delicious but had no lemon grass in it and cooked oysters on the half shell with garlic sauce. We had also had curry lamb (ok), duck (ok), pork (tasty) and Vietnamese rolls (yummy!) and a vegetable dish. Everything was served with the delicious spicy Vietnamese fish sauce which I love!


A hop skip and a jump: Higher Grounds Market Café

Just a hop skip and a jump from my place at Broadway and Vine is the recently opened Higher Grounds Market Cafe. They have coffee and breakfast food in the morning for the early morning commuters, sandwiches from Tony's Neighbourhood Deli and excellent desserts.

They just opened recently and the neighbourhood really needs a place like this, so why not give it a try if you live close by?

They are so new that they didn't have busines cards the one time that Barb and I went!

Felicos Lamb Pie

Not all restaurants in Richmond are Asian. The Greek Restaurant, Felicos at 8140 Leslie Road in Richmond (telephone 276 8282), serves fantastic lamb pie for $8.95. Check it out ! Lamb chunks wrapped in phyllo pastry. I''ve never eaten anything else there so I can't review it, but you can't go wrong with the lamb pie.

Blast from the past part two: Bodensee restaurants

Found some more nostalgic restaurants while checking out my old web site. Both of the restaurants are in the Bodensee (Lake Constance) region of south west Germany near Friedrichshafen (warning most of the links in this article are in German only!) where I used to live.

If you are ever in the Bodensee, check out the Bahnhof Fischbach (in where else?

The Sushi World Guide

While looking at the 1998 archives of my old website in Germany, I chanced upon a link to Wagamama. This led me to the The Sushi World Guide; in particular to its Vancouver listing.


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