The Kolachy Shop - as addictive as ever

Kolachy Shop Feature Kolachy Addiction Warning

As addictive as ever and still cheap! Luckily the Kolachy Shop is not close to work!

Banh Uoc at Au Petit Cafe

Another great meal at Au Petit Cafe - 4

One of our favourites at Au Petit Cafe is Banh Uoc, which is  #13 on the menu and is  "Vietnamese Ham, Bean Sprouts, Vegetables served on large rice noodle" which is a texture and flavour delight.  Highly recommended!

Cafe Kathmandu has a new site - looks like it's getting closer to opening day

Cafe Kathmandu's New Sign

As I wrote before, I can't wait to check out the new Cafe Kathmandu on Commercial. In the meantime, we'll have to be content with their new sign!

"French Laundry South" chef, David Kinch of Manresa, coming to West on Monday

This Monday April 11, 2005 David Kinch, of "French Laundry South", Manresa is coming to Vancouver's West Restaurant. Tickets are available by calling the restaurant at 604 738 8938 or by emailing brian AT

Love to hear your report if you can afford it or get in (at $135 per person plus taxes and wine it's too much for us!).

Kaide Sushi - another sushi place to visit

One of the owners of Kaide Sushi (1375 Richards Street, 604 681-5886) emailed us about their restaurant on Richards on the edge of Yaletown. Anybody been there? Sounds like a great place to try the next time I can't afford Tojo's (which is most of the time!) or the time to get to Kerrisdale for Ajisai.

Where to get good Greek food and Gyros too?

Darla asks, "Besides Stephos, where is a great greek restaurant that serves Gyros too. I'll take a couple!! Stephos is always good but the line up in the rain just doesn't cut it anymore!"

Mini Review: Zanzibar Cafe Bar

Check out our Mini-Review of the Zanzibar Cafe Bar and go eat their couscous!

Libby's starts serving dinner and is licensed as of April 5th

Congrats to Stephanie and the rest of the Libby's crew on the imminent move to serving dinner and getting a liquor license. See you on April 5th or thereabouts!

1st Visit: Falconetti's Sausage Company

Falconetti's Sausage - 1

Barb and I really enjoyed our brief visit to Falconetti's Sausage Company (1812 Commercial Drive, 604 251-7287) today. Not only were the staff friendly, but the sausage is great; probably the best I've had in the city!


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