Cafe Lu Quan

I don't usually blog about restaurants that unless I remember to take notes and write down the prices, but I'll make an exception for the beautiful bowl I had on Friday at lunch at Cafe Lu Quan (1086 Kingsway, 604 875-8522).

Check out the beautiful bowl with noodles, sprouts, peanuts, pork, vietnamese spring rolls and nuoc cham:

Excellent Bowl with spring rolls, pork, noodles and nuoc cham at Cafe Lu Quan

I'll take better notes and file a first visit report next time!


Dear Roland: How are you guys? And how is Baby??? I was searching on your site for that photo you took of me and Barb at EAT last year. Do you have a copy you could send me? Also, I very much enjoyed your story from last summer Best Downtown Vancouver Cafes with free WiFi -- would you possibly give me permission to run it on With appropriate credit and hot links back to your site, of course! You know me -- I can't offer money, but only lots of FAME! Anyway, hope you are all well and happy. xox anne