Mini-Review Vij's Rangoli

Vij's Rangoli (1488 West 11th, 64 736-5711) is one part cafe and one part market where you can buy Vij's incredibly tasty food (he calls them curries: I bet they are delicious but I've never tried them; it's only a matter of time before we do!).  It's a small, open room that is trendy and fashionable but not oppressively so.  And the kitchen is open so you can watch the action.  Fun.

We've only tried the the cafe for lunch (11 to 4) and it has been superb. Definitely one of the best lunches in the city at the moment. There are five lunch selections; we have tried three and all were superbly spiced and tasty.

We've tried the lamb in saag ($11.50) which was  delicious and spicy, the tamarind and marinated grilled  chicken ($10 which is probably the best chicken breast in the city!) and the spinach, cauliflower and potato fritters ($9).  All feature sauces so good that you'll want to lick from the plate.  Check out our Vij's Rangoli photos from our last visit.

Here's how lunch works: you order at the front, pay and you receive a cube.  Put that cube on your table and within minutes your food will be whisked to you by the friendly staff.

And if you are lucky, Vij will be there personally to give his unique, charming touch.

Highly Recommended!