Mini-Review: Libby's in East Van

Everything at Libby's (3429 Porter near Trout Lake community centre and the East Van Farmer's Market, my flickr photos) is delicious. From the banana bread to the  soup to the paninis to the coffee. My favourite is definitely the panini and soup combo for $5.95.  A great, hearty,  satisfying combo. My favourite soup is definitely the curry lentil but they are all good, check them out!

Even better, they have free WiFi courtesy of yogayak which works great and doesn't require a password. More about their Wifi can be found at the Libby's report on the Vancouver WiFi MUG.

And they are only a 5 minute walk from our new place in East Van and 2 minutes from the East Van Farmer's Market.

The room is small (about 5 tables) but decorated with vintage knick knacks and is friendly and comforting.  The crowd varies from mothers in strollers with their tots to people like me working, students on their laptops and workers taking a coffee break.

Highly recommended for a quick bite, lunch, breakfast or afternoon tea (and also dinner on Wed., Thursday and Friday).