How to make Barb's Valentine Cookies

If you are wondering as Kim did, how Barb made her Valentine cookies last year, then please check out Barb's reply for the full details.


Lewis's Beef Broth Recipe

Before going to Lindy Hop at the Legion on Thursdays, Barb and I usually eat dinner at her parents' place.

Often, my father-in-law Lewis prepares his delicious beef broth.

It is healthy, light and an ideal starter to a Chinese meal that consists of soup, a leafy green steamed vegetable such as Gailan and a main course such as Ma-Po Tofu.



I love panettone. All year I look forward to Christmas when some of my favourite stores like Santa Barbara and Bosa start stocking it. This past Christmas, however, I just didn't get my fix. After we returned from our holidays in Ontario, I still craved it. So I baked some of my own.


Andrea's Date Nut Yoghurt Muffins

Andrea's Date Nut Muffins look like just the thing to break in our new silicon bakeware form (a Pantec 12 muffin form) that we bought today.


Rice Pillau

A few weeks ago I brought rice pillau to a potluck dinner. Here is my version. This is more of a Punjabi style pillau, but you can substitute and omit the spices and vegetables as you like.


Turtle Brownies

During the holidays, we received a large box of Turtles chocolates (for those unfamiliar with them, they are milk chocolate covered caramel pecan clusters). We gave some away, but there is no way we can eat the rest of them.


Three Cheese Scones

After spending the holidays in Ontario (brrrr!!!), I'm ready to warm up with lots of hearty soups and stews. One of my favourite quick breads to serve with soup is this cheesy scone. I often vary the recipe by using different cheeses and herbs.


Mark Zube's Glazed Cranberry Loaf

Our friend, Mark Zube, made this delicious Glazed Cranberry Loaf at his Christmas party! A perfect addition to our holiday baking repertoire! Thanks, Mark!


Triple Chocolate Cookies

Al's Triple Chocolate Cookies look like just the thing for a chocoholic like myself!


Dip your tea cakes and pecan balls in Chocolate

Our friend, Teresa, recommends dipping your tea cakes and pecan balls in melted milk chocolate instead of icing sugar. Sounds like a delicious variation. Thanks, Tree!



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