Rhubarb Season!

It's spring and rhubarb is popping out of local gardenbeds and at the markets. You can celebrate the tart, sunny flavour of fresh rhubarb in recipes such as rhubarb ginger muffins or try substituting rhubarb for half the fruit in your favourite apple pie or apple crisp.


Gerardo and Leticia's Mole

As promised, here is Gerardo and Leticia's easy chicken mole recipe. It was the hit of our Cinco de Mayo celebration and I am sure you will love it also!


A photo of Barb's Buche de Noel

Here's a picture of Barb's Mother's Day Buche de Noel from yesterday.

Barb's Buche de Noel: Barb made this delicious Buche de Noel for Mother's Day 2001


Mother's Day Buche de Noel

You may be wondering why I'm posting a recipe for buche de noel (yule log) in May. When I asked my mum what type of cake she wanted for Mother's Day, she said she wanted that yummy cream filled chocolate roll. So this is for my mum!

Happy Mother's Day!!


Sarah's Mango Salsa

Last night Sarah made a delicious fresh mango salsa for the Cinco de Mayo party. The sweet mango is rounded out with diced avocado with just a bite of chili and onion. Delicious!

This would be great served with grilled fish, pork or chicken!


Toni's Chocolate Pate

A few weekends ago my friends Antonia and Kerrie celebrated their engagement with a party for family and friends. Besides Toni's mum's absolutely delicious Goan cooking, Toni made a decadent chocolate pate for dessert. Since this is extremely rich, serve it sliced thinly and drizzle with raspberry coulis.


Kamal's Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is one of my favourite Indian dishes. Whenever we go out for Indian food, I order it. My friend Kamal cooks butter chicken at home and this is her recipe for a much lower fat version that tastes very similar to the traditional cream laden one.


Onion Marmalade

This recipe for onion marmalade is one that I've had for years. I love the sweet-tart flavour of this condiment...the onion and garlic mellow out.

This is great served with cheeses, cold cuts or with a savoury pork roast or pork chops. For a quick and tasty appetizer, I like wrapping a spoonful of the marmalade with a little chunk of goat cheese or brie in phyllo and baking until golden.


Lemon Cheesecake

This recipe for lemon cheesecake combines one of my favourite flavours with one of my favourite desserts. It's great on its own, topped with fresh berries in season or with sparky lemon curd.


A photo of Barb's Herb Roasted Chicken

Barb's Herb Roasted Chicken, like Adobo, Gulay and Trenette with Pesto are easy to cook comfort foods which always cheer me up.



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