Picture of Barb's BBQ Pizza

Here's a picture of Barb's BBQ pizza:


Barbequed Pizza

As you can tell, we're big fans of pizza, especially thin crust ones. For a while now, I've read about and have been wanting to make barbequed pizza. I wouldn't dare attempt it on our old barbeque lest the pizzas end up in an inferno! Now that we have a Weber and precise temperature control and few flare ups, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Preparation was quick and overall cooking time on the grill was about 10 minutes. Quicker than our conventional oven and it kept our place cool!


Lemongrass Porkchops revisited

To celebrate the arrival of our new Weber barbeque, we grilled up a Vietnamese style meal. One of our bbq items was lemongrass chicken. I was looking for the flavour similar to the lemongrass chicken dishes that we eat at local Vietnamese restaurants which is slightly different from our previously posted lemongrass pork (or chicken) recipe.


Grilled Bananas

For Cristina's birthday lunch yesterday, I wanted to make a simple yet flavourful dessert and I remembered seeing this recipe for bananas grilled in their peels on the Food Network.


Connie's Kalbee Marinade

Connie, my colleague who coordinates the Multicultural Services at work, is Korean and I've been asking her for tips on Korean cuisine. This is her delicious foolproof recipe for kalbee or Korean style beef shortribs.


15th Annual BC Chili & Barbecue (BBQ) Championship

From our friends at Evalu8, comes word of the 15th Annual BC Chili & Barbecue (BBQ) Championship which will be held this Saturday (i.e. tomorrow!) June 29, 2002 in Surrey.

This is a real BBQ competition that features food along the lines of the awesome BBQ featured at Memphis Blues.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend. If you do, please give us a full report.


Great Grate: A better way to grill oysters and clams?

[Editor's Note: This newsitem was created by one of our readers by the name of "swamper". It's curious that Great Grate comes from Swamper Products, so maybe swamper works for Swamper Products or is just a devoted fan. Can anybody solve the mystery?


Whiskey Barbeque Sauce

On the weekend I made this great barbeque sauce. It's smokey, rich and definitely whiskey laced! I used the sauce to baste chicken wings every 12 minutes as they baked. The sauce would be wonderful on ribs!


Ann Kirsebom's Tequi-Lime BBQ Sauce

Last week, we tried Ann Kirsebom's Tequi-Lime BBQ sauce which we received as a gift from some friends.

We briefly marinated some pork in it and BBQ'ed it! It was delicious, citrusy, spicy and tomatoey. And as an added bonus, Ann is a Vancouverite! Recommended!


Grilled Asparagus

Spring is here and it's the season for one of my favourite vegetables, asparagus. Most of the time I like asparagus simply prepared so that all of its clean fresh flavour can shine through. Last night we tried grilling our asparagus and it turned out great!

You can serve the grilled asparagus as is, or toss with a light vinaigrette for a lovely spring salad.



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