Korean BBQ Marinade

Barb used this great marinade on steak when we were on vacation. Try it, you'll like it!


BBQ tips from ViewFromTheHeart

From yesterday's ViewFromTheHeart:

First off, let's differentiate between classic barbecue and grilling. Most people that I know throw some briquettes in the kettle or turn the gas on high and flame the food under medium or high heat. This is grilling, the application of heat over a cross-hatched wire grid. It browns the meat with markings (an effect you can get with a grill pan) and allows the fat and juices to run out. It's fast and convenient, imbues a little extra flavor, but it isn't barbecue.


Canada Day BBQ with Denise and Steve

Our friends Denise and Steve are spending Canada Day weekend with us. What a better way to celebrate their visit and the holiday than to have a BBQ! This is what we had:

Five Spice Chicken Wings (same as Five Spice Chicken Skewers but using chicken wings instead)
Grilled Clams and Mussels
Grilled Red Snapper a la Kim Chau (i.e. basted in Kim Chau Satay sauce just like Pork Chops on the 28th)


Kim Chau Satay Sauce makes an excellent marinade!

As pointed out in Barb's excellent article about Kim  Chau, not only do they have great sandwiches but they also sell a killer satay sauce.

For a fast, easy and tasty BBQ, marinate pork chops in Kim Chau Satay Sauce for ten minutes or longer. Then grill the chops on high heat until they are done (about 5-10 minutes total depending on the thickness of the chops). Baste the chops with leftover marinade while BBQing. Guten Appetit!


Fire Lusty Gal updated!

The Fire Lusty Gal story has been updated to include recipes for Five Spice Chicken Skewers and Satay Pork Steaks.

Keep grillin'!


Barb is a Fire-Lusty Gal

It's summertime! Time to fire up the BBQ! It's just not for men either; women can be just as enthusiastic and adept with a fire as men. Of course, our favourite VanEats editor, Barb, is a Fire-Lusty Gal!



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