Mini mini review: Vietnam City

We went to Vietnam City last Sunday on East Hastings. The food was good and inexpensive but of course the neighbourhood is a bit dodgy! The highlights of our meal were the "lemongrass" chicken which was delicious but had no lemon grass in it and cooked oysters on the half shell with garlic sauce. We had also had curry lamb (ok), duck (ok), pork (tasty) and Vietnamese rolls (yummy!) and a vegetable dish. Everything was served with the delicious spicy Vietnamese fish sauce which I love!

Mmmm. For 6 adults and a 3 year old and a 17 month year old without any alcohol the bill came to $96 without tip. Not bad! Can't say that I'll be back often because I don't dine in this part of town a lot but if you're there check it out!

Vietnam City, 2122 E Hastings, 254-8094